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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Yeah right... he makes one comment and becomes a cancer that we need to get rid of in the middle of a game. And the very day he makes it the analysts start discussing his trade value and all of them say he's worth at least a first... then we make that panic trade.

My dislike is based on the fact that he was a bad GM and hurt our team. I don't have anything personal against the man. But he was a piss-poor GM and I'm glad he's gone.

I'm not trying to kill his reputation, it's already dead.

As for Chicago hiring him, that's great. I wish the best for the man. I don't have anything personal against him.

They didn't hire him as their GM though did they?

Yup. Strangling the life out of AK's trade value, wasting Cammy, wasting Lapierre, wasting SK, saddling us with Bourque and Kaberle... and the guy wasn't even our GM for all that long. Imagine if he had five years.
One comment? He was well disliked before then and he was terrible, I guess it would have been smart to wait until his game fell apart then try and trade him right? Just like Gainey waited to trade Theodore, I am sure you hated that move too.

"Bad GM, hurt our team". Could your weak ass comments be any more vague? Cmon I have seen you type out massive text walls talking about nothing and this is all you have for the most hated guy on HFBOARDS Habs? Geez how could I possibly NOT get on that train of hate!? It is so well thought out and articulate!

Ya reputation dead among those who still chant "In Bob we trust" only now they do it quietly. Still got a job with one of the best teams in the league so I think you are wrong muffin. Why would they hire him as a GM when they already have a good one? That makes zero sense! They obviously wanted him in their management reguardless of position.

Ak strangled the life out of himself playing like the third liner he was, he didn't even get a contract THIS year! Cammy is over the hill and a buyout soon, Lapierre is a third liner and it was obvious guys were tired of fighting his battles for his big mouth. SK was another beloved drama queen who doesn't belong on this team, a "superstar" on a team that has almost no offense. Bourque is playing excellent on our top line for 3.3million and Kaberle brings some much needed skills and depth to our defense.

If he had another 5 years I would expect more of the same, responsible signings, acquisition of drafts picks for outgoing players and building a big team that can fight its own battles. Bergevin has enjoyed the team Gauthier built and made some very nice moves himself that you were whining about earlier, I think I will take his word over yours.

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