Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers win 4-1
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01-28-2013, 11:12 PM
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It was nice to get a win but tonight was a big mixed bag....

Eberle and Hall were excellent, constantly pushing the play and creating consistent 5 on 5 pressure. Hall is much better when he keeps it simple which he did tonight although he did get too fancy at times. Eberle was a stud, plain and simple, dat shot on the goal. RNH just seems off, his timing is off and he looks weaker on the puck than he did last season and a bit passive. I wonder if he's playing with some kind of injury because this isn't the Nuge that we all know and love.

Gagner looks really good this season, he is playing with as much consistency as i've ever seen him play with which leads to my next point. It's a shame that he's stuck with Hemsky and Yakupov. I know that each scored a goal but Hemsky looks horrible with the puck this season, just fumbling all over the place and i hate to say it but Yak just doesn't look like an NHLer right now. So many turnovers and he looks lost more often that not. Rookie is rookie so i'm not concerned.

The 4th line was great. THAT'S what we need from a 4th line, really should be the 3rd line. We might have something there with Paajarvi and Hartikainen, they always look good together, Belanger was just riding shotgun. Lets hope they keep it up.
The 3rd line was meh. They did ok i guess.

The defense was solid up until the 3rd when it turned into an all too familiar fire drill.
Whitney looks brutal, Nick Schultz still seems off and Petry and Smid were good at times but suspect at others. Justin Schultz continues to be the most solid defender for the Oilers and while that's good for him, that's not a good sign for the team when he's the best defender. Petry and Smid need to be more consistent and play like a top pairing if this team is to succeed.

One thing that really concerns me about this team is that when momentum goes against them, they have a very hard time stopping it. Dubnyk and some luck prevented this from being a much closer game or even a tie in the 3rd. I hate when they sit on leads, reminded me all too much of a lot of games last season when they got dominated in the 3rd. I hope that this doesn't become a habit because it was ugly there for a good 10 minute stetch against a depleted Avs team.
Anyway, a win is a win. We'll take all the wins we can get.

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