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01-28-2013, 11:22 PM
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Originally Posted by ithxan View Post
I don't get this community sometimes. HF Oil throws guys under the bus over simple mistakes. Where is the loyalty? We are tired of losing year after year, but there is a difference between critical thinking and *rablerable* grab the pitchforks. Sack up, haters.

That being said, the only player I was frustrated with tonight was Potter. Hemsky had a few dumb plays , but certainly didn't SUCK. No, dont trade him. Hemmer is good.


-The Avs commentators. They called it well, seemed quite unbiased. They absolutly love H,RNH,E,Y,and Sh. As one mod commented, "they are gushing over Eberle." Not like the homers in Vancouver. But hey, I'm biased.

-Kid line was fantastic. Halls speed is unbelievable! Eberle is turning into a phenom. RNH was fine tonight. Settle down HF Oil.

-Yak got the empty netter. Nice. Made some silly mistakes but hes a rookie. Hope he isnt hurt. Love this kid.

-Doobie was solid. The goal he let in was soft, but its not like he was beaten from 20ft out. It was a bit of a scramble in front of the net and it squeaked past him. That being said, he had 37 shots tonight. Solid.

-Hartski was fantastic! Tough to beat off the puck!

-MPS was good too. Didnt play a ton, but used his speed and had some chances.

-Horc was good too. So was SMitty. I dont understand the hate he was getting on the boards during gametime. I didnt see him mess anything up TOO BAD. Settle down, boys. Smitts a beut.

-Question mark over WHitney remains. Lets hope he turns it arouns.

-Petrell with a stupid, I mean stoopid penalty.
Good post. To be fair Petrell realized a second to late.

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