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01-28-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by HopelessOilFan View Post
- Hall gagner and eberle all had absolutely fantastic games.

- Nuge is still fighting it a bit

- hemsky got that goal by crashing the crease which was nice to see, but its hard to watch him nowadays. Every play is an attempted deke where he loses the puck or a whiffed shot

-Yak had some trouble this game, either held it too long, or was afraid to touch the puck for more than a second. Not worried though, its part of being a rookie. It was also kind of worrisome to see how often he was open on the PP and during es breakouts, and the player making the pass would completely ignore yak. Nice of the coach to put him out at the end after being benched to score the EN goal.

Yak gagner hemsky really isn't working though. Gagner is playing great, but the other two just don't seem to be able to do much. You can't really break up the top line after a game like that that though.

-Smyth is becoming incredibly painful to watch, slow as molasses, can't pass, can't shoot, and can't even win board battles anymore, he just falls over. If it weren't for his pk abilities i don't know where he would even fit. Harski is showing he's a better option in front of the net already.

-Horcoff had a decent game, good on the dot, good on the pk, and good in all three zones, even got a goal.

-Harski had a great game, absolute bull. This is the hartikainen i was watching in the AHL, not taking **** from anyone, and winning board battles against 2 or 3 guys at a time. He has a bright future.

-Paajarvi had a hell of a game, him and hartikainen together make a great pair on the cycle, and he almost scored on a great deflection play that he also set up by taking a big hit.

-Belanger looked good as the defensive stabilizer between paajarvi and hartikainen, and was also doing well on the dot. Great game from that whole line.

-Petrell pretty much did what you expect, finish a few checks, kill penalties and not be a defensive reliability. I'd still like to see him get more physically involved.

-Petry. I'm not sure what was up with him tonight, but i saw him give up on the play a ton of times, and he was a turn over machine, usually in a very dangerous spot. I'm sure he'll turn it around, but we need him to be the reliable top 4 dman we know he can be night in and night out.

-Smid wasn't very noticeable, not throwing his weight around as much as i'd like, but no major screw ups i could see. Quiet but good night from him.

-Schultz and schultz are a weird combo for me.. I just feel like they don't compliment eachother very well. Justin is playing the game he needs to, but it seems to cause nick to panic at times, which leads to bad coverage in the D zone, and quick passes without thought that are turned over or intercepted. I'd like to see nick with smid and petry with jeff i think.

Whitney potter - Not a fan at all. Whitney had 1 good play, but other than that, they were a defensive disaster. Missed coverage all over the place, whitneys passes were getting picked off left and right, he was holding it way too long on the pp allowing them to get into place to defend... it was just ugly. I'm scared for whitney, i was really hoping he'd return to form.

Dubnyk - Solid result, shaky performance (Until the end). He seemed shaky through the first two periods but still kept us in it which is what mattered, but then during the third he absolutely slammed the door on the avs, with easily 4 or 5 highlight reel saves in under 10 minutes. Hopefully he can keep this up.
Tell that to Parenteau.

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