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Originally Posted by hckyguy14
Alright, here is the background......

Almost a year ago, July 17th 2005 after the Yankees lost to the Red Sox because of a 2 run shot by A-Rod of Schilling, I was walking out of Fenway Park and decided that the cigerette that was in my hand was my last.

Have not smoked since.

Problem is I gained 45 lbs. I was 135, I am now 180. Did not gain the weight in fat. And I am working out every other day in order to make sure the gain is put on in the right way. I think I have finaly topped out as I've been around 180 for a couple months now.

I have played ice and inline three to four nights a week for the past seven or eight years.

My biggest asset was my speed and endurance. Even when I was smoking. I have always been the fastest out there.

Well, not anymore. Seems pretty obvious that I would slow down when I have to carry more weight I'm not used to.

But I am also having a problem keeping in the game. I get winded faster. This baffles me because I thought I would have more wind because I quit smoking.

My question is does anyone have any advice on some sort of training to get my speed back up (granted it won't be what it used to be) and more important, my endurance.

I hate being half way through a shift and feeling like I already need to go to the bench. It's an awful feeling for someone who always wanted to play the whole game with no shifts.

My energy seems to have deminished, and I don't buy getting older as I have been very active every day and I'm only 26.

Any ideas on how to get my speed, energy, and endurance would be great!!!
Hey man..

You gotta get you wind back. You stopped smoking which is good, but it takes awhile for you body to recover. You have more weight to carry now so it intensifies the problem. I'm guess had you not put on the extra bulk you probably wouldn't notice the difference.

Jogging, it's the best way to work on endurance. When I was running during the off-season I notice I was a little faster when I hit the ice again. I noticed a nice boost in my stamina too. Since you aren't trying to gain speed, just get back what you had. It doesn't sound like you need to do any sort of off ice work on it, but it never hurts.

You added bulk so your body needs more oxygen. Your lungs are in a state of healing so they can only do so much. You added 1/3rd of your body weight. That's a pretty significant gain. I bet you'd laugh at the big guys as you blew past them. Well you're one of those big guys now.

I smoked for years. I can tell you it takes longer then a year to fully recover from the years of smoking. Over time your lungs will get better and shed almost all of the affects of smoking.

I'm no doctor or fitness expert, but I did stay at a Holiday in last night.

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