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01-29-2013, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
Brian Burke basically set back the club by 5 years.
Yep. The Leafs are in the exact same situation they were when he got here. Burke's years here were effectively franchise purgatory (well, worse than that because the Leafs weren't just useless to themselves, they actively improved a rival, thus handicapping themselves even further).

It genuinely makes me angry to know that the Kessel trade with allowed to happen, from a corporate standpoint. I will never understand how Brian Burke was allowed to make that trade. That nobody stepped in and said "we havent made the playoffs in four years here, and were going to give up TWO #1 picks?!"

That trade was the general manager equivalent of showboating. That was Brian Burke just saying "I am going to do something so disgustingly risky, just because I can. Because I got total control, and I'm going to show the hockey world my big brass balls"

The day this team finished second last in 2010 Brian Burke needed to be fired (he shoulda been fired when he even suggested the deal). It was the only acceptable solution when you find yourself with a GM who clearly has not got the slightest ****ing clue what kind of team he has. It wouldn't have undone the trade, but it would have cut our losses of a bad GM.

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