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Originally Posted by PAZ View Post

Avs need EJ more, Blues need Shatty more.

Shatty is playing on a contending team that actually has structure.

EJ is playing on one of the bottom teams at the moment with Downie, Landeskog, and RoR out.

Again, these comparison are pretty bad since they're different players. Shatty is better offensively, and no matter how good he is defensively, he can't bring things that EJ can.

Yeah I am sure the Avs would hate having a D-man that produces more and is on the ice more when his team scores and the other team doesnt.

It's not really a "comparison" it's a poll. Overall who is better? Discussions ensue and in my opinion saying one is good for one team and the other fits the other is a cop-out.

Player vs. Player, regardless of team - Who is better? Statistically its Shatty. In hopeful Avs fan eyes its EJ.

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