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01-29-2013, 12:32 AM
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I'm sure this has been said already but I can't be bothered to read 722 posts (and counting):

I like this contract, especially in the short-term. It gets PK back in the lineup and the cap hit is low so it doesn't screw up the team's cap situation for the next two years. The contract runs out at the same time as many others, so there will be a lot of cap room available to give Subban his pay day, should he deserve it. It might end up costing the Habs more in the long-term, but the salary cap will probably start going up again in a few years, so that isn't too big a deal.

The only way this contract backfires is if Subban takes the negotiations so personally it negatively affects his play and he leaves town at the first possible opportunity. I think Subban enjoys the game too much for that to happen.

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