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01-29-2013, 12:40 AM
Cody Hodgson
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Jordan Schroeder Appreciation Thread!

Jordan Schroeder is really impressing me. 4 games in and he doesn't give me any concerns about his game at the NHL level. He might wear down a little as the season goes down from the physical toll that is the NHL but I definitely see a long NHL career from him. He's just too smart and has a ton of speed and tenacity.

I'm a Cody Hodgson fan too regardless of how the situation turned out in Vancouver. I'll still wish him the best but I've actually been impressed with Schroeder more than I have with Hodgson during his time here. Hodgson will probably have better offensive numbers but in terms of a complete 2 way game it's not even close.

He has actually fared pretty well for the most part regarding face offs which is a huge challenge for rookies, I know it's 5 games in but as of now he's one of the better face off players on our team now. It's funny because we all labelled Hodgson that 2 way player who wins big faceoffs when he got drafted yet those are a majority of his struggles..

Tonight Schroeder showed another solid outing and was our best face off man going 7 wins 4 losses in the dot.

The problem with Hodgson is that he's only really effective in the Offensive zone of the ice and PP situations because he doesn't have to have his speed exposed.

Thoughts? Can he actually be better than Hodgson? Looks a lot more polished and I could see him putting up bigger numbers than Hodgson if he was in between Pom and Vanek based on what I've seen from both players this year.

I guess it's the opposite of what Buffalo is going through in that they felt Kassian was expendable because Foligno was showing more promise within their organization.

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