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01-29-2013, 12:51 AM
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As mentioned above with north/south realignment. I included the expansion because it was easier to do but the challenge to do it without any expansion and realignment north/south with 30 teams is challenging. So here is my effort:

North Conference

West Division: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Colorado
Central Division: Winnipeg, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus
East Division: Toronto, Buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston, NY Islanders

South Conference

West Division: LA, Anaheim, San Jose, Phoenix
Central Division: Dallas, St. Louis, Nashville, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Florida
East Division: NY Rangers, NJ, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington

You will notice that the west division get only 4 teams while other divisions are 5 teams and 6 teams. I was thinking, why not do that route because travel is unbalanced for the west coast teams so let them have its own and get to play more games in their own zone. I thought why not do the unbalance divisional set-up.

Regular season games breakdown:

4-team division

Divisional game: 6 games each, 3 teams for 18 games
Conference: 3 games each, 11 teams for 33 games
Inter-conference: 2 games each, 15 teams for 30 games
Rivalry game: 1 game
Total: 82 games

5-team division

Divisional game: 5 games each, 4 teams for 20 games
Conference: 3 games each, 10 teams for 30 games
Inter-conference: 2 games each, 15 games for 30 games
Rivalry game: 2 games
Total: 82 games

6-team division

Divisional game: 5 games each, 5 teams for 25 games
Conference: 3 games each, 9 teams for 27 games
Inter-conference: 2 games each, 15 teams for 30 games
Rivalry game: 0 game
Total: 82 games

Rivalry game can be games against its own division or against inter-conference that has a few games to spare anywhere in the league however, the 6-team division will have no game to spare for this rivalry because they have a perfect 82-games schedule with this.

I took out NY Islanders to the north since they are irreverent with this bad history since 90's. NY can play its own state, Buffalo so this isn't that a big deal for the Islanders to switch since the Rangers is their biggest rivals but has been irreverent for years anyways.

I have had a hard time choosing whether Toronto or Buffalo can join in the central division so that the division will have 3 ETZ teams and 3 CTZ teams for both conference and I suppose you could do that for this conference. So I just made the north conf. East Div. 6 teams while south conf. Central Div 6 teams for now unless Toronto or Buffalo, one of them, the willing partner to join with the central division. If it happens, the east division could play two extra games against two other east divisions in a North/South games. NY Islanders could play 2 extra games against the Devils and the Rangers. While NY Rangers could play against the Islanders and Boston, etc. Rotate them yearly for home/away while the west could rotate one extra game, odd years, home and even years, away.

I think that is it for the north/south realignment, 30 teams league.

Playoffs remains to be each conference seeded 1-8.

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