Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers win 4-1
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01-29-2013, 12:56 AM
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Some people need to calm down a bit. This game reminded me a lot of when San Jose beat us up. Bunch of PP converts, we really took it to them and for the last half of the game we coasted just like San Jose. Except we're not San Jose and we almost got bit tonight. Will have to keep the pedal to the medal next time. I was pretty proud of our defence, everybody seemed to take their man for the most part tonight.

I love how Hemsky has trolled some fans and reporters here his whole career. Do you think he's going to change anything at this point in his career? He does what he does and he makes enough plays over the course of a career to earn a 5M cheque. He opens up room for other guys. I have a feeling that people are going to be making the same complaints about Taylor Hall's offensive play in a few years. They do what they do but they will have full careers as legit top 6ers. If you think they're going to wake up with hockey sense one day you're mistaken. Skill and will, they're not tacticians.

Finally, another night of Corey Potter and of course he earned his minus on the only goal of the game and was terrible in the 3rd. He makes Whitney look so bad. I can't imagine how Fistric isn't in for Phoenix. I almost lost my mind that he wasn't in tonight. He would have killed some guys as soft as butter as that Avs team was.

Paul Stastny and Erik Johnson are bad now. That team might be on permasuck if they can't turn things around soon. I don't even think they knew it was a real game until half way through.

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