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01-29-2013, 01:00 AM
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Sad state
Ive listened to the pros and cons of whether smha join league or not, since Im not in the city my opinion is just that....a opinion. A red flag to me is the fact that a vote was taken before and with a overwhelming no on joining? And it seems to me that the majority of that no vote would have been with the 99 born parents? And why now has it changed? Lets see, I think the ability to not be able to compete at tournaments is one, and the fact that there is alot of clout in that age group has swayed alot of interest to change things for the betterment of there child instead of Saskatoons coveted developmental system. I wonder if the vote was put out to the 2000 parent level what the vote would come back at? Either way it looks like they will join with 4 teams, and the zone reps will have to answer the questions as to why, to those disgruntled parents. I am glad to see them join, not excatly with 4 teams because I believe that the amount of people that are within there draw area they should be able to at least ice 5. With 63k per team at 4 teams thats 20k more than most teams in the sbaahl, except for Regina. I would hope for there sake that they are in the top 7 of the league otherwise it doesn't say alot for the development and the retention of minor hockey players in the 2 biggest centers in Sask.

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