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01-29-2013, 01:04 AM
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No stats on PK so my information is old too... too bad; it looks like we could have appreciated him gone. Paco's injury reall changed the lines usages as they moved a tough mins guy (Eller) to the first line.

Line RelQoC OZS CorsiRel CorsiOn P/60 OnIceSh%
1st line 0.778 48.7 00.4 05.21 00.00 03.42
2nd line 0.198 47.3 04.9 05.58 04.78 09.65
3rd line 0.051 58.2 -27.7 -19.72 11.72 17.76
4th line -1.159 51.5 -02.7 00.11 03.74 11.20
1st pair -1.325 50.8 16.3 12.35 00.91 10.35
2nd pair 2.127 50.1 -22.5 -12.71 03.31 11.82
3rd pair -1.507 54.4 10.6 06.08 01.12 09.13
Most of their lines have stayed positive possession wise. Their first line has been struck by terrible luck with no points for the 3 at 5v5, while the other 3 lines have had lots of luck. Their third line has been brutally outchanced for the soft minutes it's received, but scores a lot so looks like all offence third line... some of that offence has been luck.
Without PK, Gorges (on second pair) has been hurting. Taking all the tough match-ups and getting beaten up... Think Hainsey without Bogosian and you get it.

NAME RelQoC OZS CorsiRel CorsiOn P/60 OnIceSh%
KJWh 0.565 50.7 05.1 -01.31 4.83 6.13
LAL 3.427 54.1 -00.7 -10.20 4.19 6.10
PBW -0.172 51.6 25.0 13.84 3.38 6.92
WST -0.423 38.2 -17.8 -20.39 4.01 6.35
En-Bu 2.273 45.6 16.9 05.23 3.05 6.70
St-Ha 1.754 40.8 -32.0 -25.35 0.00 8.11
Cl-Po -2.080 68.3 16.0 07.33 1.06 3.58
KJWh has been offensively effective, while receiving similar treatment as LLW did last season. Their possession isn't stalwart - as it's slightly in the red - but we have had 3/5 games against top possession teams (Pits, Ott, and Bos are currently 2, 3, and 4 in the East).
LAL is facing some seriously tough minutes and they are in the red. I'm going to give them the same excuse as KJWh plus the ridiculously high match-ups... good last game the offence really appeared for this line at even strength as they are scoring almost at similar rates as KJWh.
PBW is another line that found it's offence yesterday. You may notice that all 4 forward lines have similar scoring rates, and all 4 have pretty low OnIceSh% which means we've been scoring less often than what we "should" be (thanks Nabakov and Anderson!). The third line's possession has stayed in the black all season, no matter it's make up, and most likely will stay like that with Poni-Burmi there. I would like Noel to put a bit of pressure off of LAL and put it onto PBW, but hey a win's a win... may be due to a lot of our games being nail bitters and so really running his top6.
WST is a 4th line. They're for energy and if you're going to get beat make it the guys that have the least icetime to minimize the effect. Plus it's tough to win when you get pushed into the Dzone that much.
En-Bu has had their possession tumble after last game with Enstrom having a rough game, but they remain in the black even with tough match-ups and no OZone push. Gotta love that offense too.
St-Ha has gotten a rough ride: more 5v5 TOI than some 1st pairs, tough match-ups due to sheltering the **** out of the 3rd pair, and tough OZS... It amazes me that Hainsey's only been on the ice for one goal. Remember that Corsi includes blocked shots, so this pairs Fenwick (which doesn't include blocked shots and they've blocked a lot) is a lot better.
Cl-Po have moved to positive possession after the last game, less due to skill and more due to Noel sheltering the crap out of these two... Bogosian please return. (Actually Postma has been positive since Washington... so we know the weaker link).

Keys to the game:
*stay the hell out of the box... they've been hot on the PP
*hope Price regresses to career %s while Pavelec stays above
*hope that third line move to normal sh%, their first line doesn't, and all 4 of ours does


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