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12-15-2003, 08:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
Wow! I'd say that article pretty much nailed the situation. TB's gonna love this piece.
How well you know me.
Anyway, I posted about this in another thread. However, I will repeat myself. I said a month or so ago that I thought that Sather was close to having a full-scale mutiny on his hands. Said mutiny will be led by Lindros and Holik. Wether or not if forced Lil' Jimmy to open his eyes is another story.
BTW, for the record, I agree with Fletch in the fact that this is not Messier's fault. It is Sather who signed a 43 year old to a $3-5m contract. Money that could have been used much more wisely on a defensive defenseman (I recall a few of us pleading that if there MUST be a signing, let it be someone like Ken Klee). That Messier is out there playing nearly 20 minutes a night, while our newest most expensive 4th liner in history is skating the 4th line. That would be Holik. And Sather is the one who has Messier playing nearly 20 minutes a night, while the next most expensive spare part in history is bounced from line to line and position to position. That would be Lindros.
I think that Sather's actions and words are going to cause a backlash against Messier. I think that it already started to happen. I point to the last Toronto game as evidence. Tucker layed a HUGE hit on Mesier and not one Ranger did anything. Granted the hit was clean, HOWEVER a team cannot allow it's captain to be banged like that with no reprecussions.
Sather has placed the team into an impossible position. And he has placed Holik, Lindros, and Messier into impossible positions. The entire team knows full well that Holik and Lindros should be the leaders. However the entire team sees a 43 year old be used like he is 30.
Unless Dolan does something and quick, this season is over. I do not know if Sather is willing to do the right thing or if it is even possible for him to properly realign his team anymore, without looking pretty foolish. And we all know that looking foolish is not something that Jackass will take to.

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