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01-29-2013, 01:27 AM
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Just got in from that crap show of a "hockey game". I don't know what was worse: the first two periods of that game or the 10 min walk back to the car in the -36 wind. I wasn't expecting a win going into the game, but still. Atleast my tickets were free.

Game Summary

- First period was a total crap shoot. Didn't skate, couldn't complete a pass, icing/off-sides galore on both sides. Both dman collapsed to the slot on the first PP goal and then both collapsed to the net, letting Eberle walk right in for the 2nd. I know it was a PP, but they have to realize who's got the puck there and stand them up.

- Second period was much of the same. Bad break on the 3rd goal.

- Third period they decided to show up. First time in a few periods they actually had sustained pressure and cycled it down low a couple times, and eventually led to Pap's goal. How that wasn't a hit from behind on PAP is beyond me, esspecially with how fussy they called the rest of the game. PAP sure let the ref have an ear full on the next face-off.

- Our PK is total crap. When you're missing all 4 forwards from last year, what do you expect. And the PP is just as bad, with Duchene on the point, who you know isn't going to shoot it from the blueline, I mean even Horcoff knows that.

Player Notes


- Duchene needs to be put on the wing. He sucks at face-offs, he's too small/weak to play downlow in our zone, and his speed would benefit more skating down the wing (Kessel-esk dare I say).

- God knows how Stastny ever got that contract. Not only does his defensive play suck, but he's not even creating scoring chances. I'd trade him for Grabovski in a heartbeat.

- Jones is equally as bad. No shoot and can't skate, except into our own players.

- I think PAP will be okay for us. He can skate and has vision.

- Mitchell, Bordeleau and Malone played well I thought. Solid 3-4 liners. Everybody else was meh. McGinn just can't catch a break it seems, but at 1.75 mill, its easily tolerable.


- I cannot believe how terrible O'Brien and O'Byrne are. I so wanted the Avs to re-sign ROB this off-season, now ..

- Wilson made a couple nice plays, but then ices it, like comon man

- I thought Hunwick played great. One of the few Avs who can actually skate with the puck instead of just dumping it in.

- Zanon was okay. Didn't do anything special, but didn't do anything attrocious.

- Johnson was invisible the first two periods, but oh man did he play awesome in that 3rd period. I've always had my doubts about him, but if he can play like that 3rd period more often, he's truly a #1 dman.


- Varlamov played good. Can't really fault him on any of the 3 goals. As long as he stays in the net though. If he wants to play the puck more, he's got to be more decisive and communicate with the dman. It almost cost him a couple times.

- Giguere, class act. I hope he's around for a few more years. Good teacher, always talking up the guys and fans. Signed a goalie stick for a kid wearing his jersey during pre-game warm-ups.

Re-match Sat. Feb. 16 ... Can't get any worse, can it? ...

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