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01-29-2013, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Even when I watch Schroeder at the AHL level I find he doesn't attack the opposition enough. I've rarely seen him attempt an inside/outisde move or any creative 1 on 1 trick to beat a defender. IMO that's the single biggest knock on his game and what is holding him back from producing as a pro. Watch Eberle in contrast and he takes the puck at dmen all night long and finds ways to get shots off prety consistently and make something out of nothing. Hopefully Schroeder can incorporate some of this into his arsenal.

Still waiting for Raymond and Burrows to play alongside Schroeder on the 2nd line. AV will figure it out eventually, unfortunately it's often 5-7 games later then he should.

I agree. Kind of curious how a smaller player doesn't come up through the ranks without dangerous 1 on 1 moves. He's just never needed them I suppose.

It's one thing to learn to play 1 on 1, and quite another to make that material NHL calibre, and an even greater leap to _want_ to beat guys doing that. He's got a looong way to go in this regard.

Tough to say on Hodgson vs. Schroeder. I'd take Hodgson right now because he's still dangerous offensively, but it's early for Schroeder. If he can incorporate some creativity along with his defense... then you've got a real discussion on your hands. Not before.

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