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01-29-2013, 02:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Subbanned View Post
This is a dumb myth perhaps perpetuated by Dion's early days in Calgary (when he played a much riskier, offensive game), but more likely perpetuated by the average hockey fan's tendency to harp on concepts and tropes for all-eternity (the Devils trap! Thornton is a playoff choker! etc). I may not see every single Leafs game but I catch a lot with GC, CI and some press assignments. Phaneuf is one of the better #1 D's in this league, and like the rest of them, he does make mistakes. They are neither extraordinarily "dumb" nor are they extremely common. There are of course better #1 D in the league, but there are many that are worse as well.
Not buying it. I've watched dion too many times both pre trade and post trade to know better. Even watching him this year with his gaffes against nyi remind me that the only thing that has changed for dion is the c on his chest and regher not being there to cover up his routine crap ups.

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