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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
I know people liked having Kreider last playoffs when he was useful in some of the games he played in, but let's not make it a habit of bringing up kids for just a few games. When we are in cap hell in a couple of years, we'll regret this very much. One guy is ok, but we can't have every prospect be rushed. There's nothing to suggest that Fast and Lindberg would be major game breakers for us. Nor would being rushed help most prospects.

If they come over, they should go to the AHL. Let's hope Hartford can make the playoffs. If so, Lindberg and Fast would be major help down there.
Agreed, I don't think either Fasth or Lindberg are jump in during the PO's type of talents. While both are good and already playing at a high level, its a diffrent game, smaller ice and what not.

What we might hope for though is a quick exist from the PO's for Skellefteå and HV71 in Sweden. The SEL regular season ends 5 March, if they loose 4 straight and are out of the PO's by the 16 March, we still have 22 games left of our regular season in NY and there is 15 games left of the regular season in HFD.

When looking through the available players, I do have a hard time seing Oscar Lindberg making the WCH's team. There are a couple of other centers in Europe from Sweden who are somewhat of regulars as bottom 2 line centers on the national team (Joel Lundqvist, Niklas Persson and Jimmie Eriksson) and, while its hard to tell at this point who will be available from the NHL, Mårts will of course look for big market names as the top 2 line centers in a WCH's played on home ice. Its not impossible that he makes it, but I would put the odds at less than 10-20 percent...

Skellefteå is likely to go long in the PO's, but its of course not impossible that Lindberg can join with say 15 games to go in the NHL and like 5-10 in the AHL. That puts things in another light -- if Lindberg is needed in the NHL. That definitely don't has to be the case. Its hard to say if he would be like that much better than Halpern. But he would atleast give us some more depth.

Jesper Fasth also gotta be seen as somewhat of a long shot to make the national team for the WCH's. I think his performance at the Oddset Hockey Games will have a big impact on that decision. If he is one of the better players for Sweden in that tournament, he will be in the run and he will probably be in the discussions at the least until the final roster is picked, if he is avg there I could see Mårts letting him go early to the NHL.

HV71 is a team with potential to go all the way in the SEL, but has struggled somewhat lately. They are still one of the top 2-3 favorites to win it all, but I think odds are bigger for a first round upset or something like that for them compared to Skellefteå that almost gives the impression to be somewhat unbeatable over 7 games, as of now atleast.

Fasth could definitely compete with someone like Ferriero, but I don't think he is so good that Torts upsets something that is working in the NHL to get him on the roster. But if HV71 is sent golfing early, Mårts lets Fasth go and Fasth plays a handful of games in the AHL and there is a opening in the NHL due to a injury or something, he could definitely get a chance.

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