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01-29-2013, 03:52 AM
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Originally Posted by FreeMason50 View Post
I don't want to "sit and relax" I just want to watch the game without missing 2 periods of action in my end because someone is always standing or obnoxiously leaning over their seat to a ridiculous extent. There's times where he'll actually sit on his chair while the seat is folded up.

As I said, be loud, be proud, I don't want the MTS centre to be a "tea party", but don't stand and talk to people in different rows while the game is on.

If you're going to do that then you have even LESS of a right to be there than the people who actually want to watch the game.
OK, so you're using adjectives here that were not in your original post. I don't know what "obnoxiously" leaning over to a "ridiculous" extent means. For clarity, I watch the games and rarely if ever talk to anyone outside of the person/people I went with. What I'm talking about is a end-to-end action for the last 15 minutes in a 1-0 game with hardly any whistles that RNH ties with the net empty only to have it waved off then they pull the goalie again and Yak ties it up with 4 seconds to go before 4 minutes of back and forth 4-4 then 4 on 3 with a Gagner winner! In that situation I'm on the edge of my seat for the entire 20+ min and up and down (with the rest of the rink) with every post, crossbar and great save. Is that what you have a problem with, or is it somebody standing up conducting a networking meeting in front of you? If it's the latter then I would say you have a valid complaint - get his ass kicked out if you need to. If it's the former, I would say, how did you put it..."you're a crotchety old man in a 24 year old's body".

I guess I've been to one too many a tea party at the ACC (before I stopped going - even with free tickets)...I find the energy refreshing.

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