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01-29-2013, 05:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Marotte Marauder View Post
I saw him clearly lose the draw to Z which resulted in us running around in the D zone, the Kruger weakly attempting to clear the zone from above the circle-fail, ending with him holding Z's stick to start the 2nd period parade to the box.

His one point came on an uncontested pass to Frolik.

He is faster than last year and does get in passing lanes, I'll give him that.

Give me specifics of his improvement.

If he could learn to win draws, he could be a very effective PKer for a long time in this league, that's his upside max.
Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
I could say in other words... media guys agree with me that Krüger had a great game for his role.
You are right, 3 Stars mean nothing but it's a reward for players like Krüger. He made it without scoring. That should tell you enough that he had a good game and it's stupid to call him out now. Guy plays a great season and is one half of the best PK unit in this young season. I leave it at that. MM is just a hater. Funny that he comes up with this stuff after Krügers best game in the NHL so far.

and about that hustle stuff MM, haven't you seen the games and the 3-5 times he hustled back to break up the good scoring chances for the opponents? I'm sure you've seen it but just won't admit it
Sorry, no hate just my observations.

I'll also add that Bolland's numbers and play thus far doesn't really exceed that of (oh the horrors) of Bickell or Stalberg even though Bolly's finally playing with good linemates.

Remember, if VS can put up #s in the Top 5, anyone can.

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