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Originally Posted by Tak7 View Post
(Not gonna quote it all)
Thanks a lot for the detailed answer, it's very appreciated . A few follow-up questions:

As far as ratings go.. the general rule of thumb is that:

3.5 star = 4th line, or bottom 6 pairing. Depth guys(high 70s-low 80s)

4 star = 2nd or 3rd line, or top 6 Dman. (mid 80s)

4.5 star = 1st line, or top 4 Dman. (83-88ish). Green 5-star = superstars

5 star = 1st line, top 2 Dman. (88-90ish). Green 5-star = superstars.

Anything below 3.5 star is pretty much a long shot, unless they are green 3 stars. At least that's my experience.
Do 2 1/2 star-players at least become decent AHLers or are they not worth developing at all? I find it incredibly tough to find anything better than 3 1/2 stars in the draft btw. unless you have a Top-5-pick.

Quick note - you can't decide whether a player goes to junior or AHL. A player is not allowed to go to the AHL if they are still eligible for junior hockey (normally the case until they are 20 years old). Once they turn 20, you can keep them in your AHL team.
I know, I meant for players of 20 years or older, whose skills aren't good enough yet to play a significant-role in the AHL (So the guys with Skills around 60).

Rule #2 of developing prospects - just because a player's overall doesn't appear to change, doesn't mean prospect isn't improving.

Keep an eye on your prospect's stats. Even if you don't have the memory for it, keep an eye on the star-system for each category (is his offensive category improving by half a star? What about his puck skills? etc).

Not every single player attribute is weighted evenly. For example, a goalie's POISE is weighed HEAVILY while many of his other stats play almost no role (look at James Reimer - he's normally a low 80s goalie, but when you look at this attributes, his low poise masks what Reimer really is: an 86-88 overall goaltender).

So be able to recognize if your player is improving, even if his overall is not. You might have a prospect that is so terrible defensively, that his overall might hardly move. You won't recognize that though unless you check his attributes out, and realize that over the course of 2 years, his offensive attributes have all of a sudden gone through the roof, etc.
Do you know where I can find a list of how the attributes are weighted for the Overall-rating? I know the Overall is just a number and since I play all the games myself I usually know which player "feels" ready anyway. But this is mainly about the players who are just entering the AHL whose ratings in the different categories are usually pretty low.

I didn't look through all of your prospect list.

What I will say, is that if they are 3.5 star or better, sign them up and develop them.
So I should even sign the 3 1/2 star players with an Overall-Skill of around 60 to the AHL right away, even if they'll only play in a limited role there?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on at least two of my prospects if that's possible, because I'm absolutely not sure about them:

- Nathan Pancel (20 years, 4 stars green, 57 Overall, just drafted, in Juniors)
- Jerome Gauthier-Leduc (22 years, 3 1/2 Stars Red, 64 Overall, starts his 2nd year in the AHL)

Hope that helps man.
It does, thanks again

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