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01-29-2013, 07:55 AM
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Joe Sacco is doing the best possible job he can with the tools that have been made available to him. Quenneville couldn't get it done. Granato couldn't get it done. Sacco isn't getting it done. Are people so sure (I love these lofty predictions) that a NEW coach will turn the culture of our club around?

It's the dynamics of the team people. It has been horribly assembled. Due to what I believe to be budget restraints, Sherman tears a hole in one need of the team, to create an asset somewhere else.

Have people seen how motivated players are when they believe the front office want to invest in their product, and want success at any cost? Imagine what our players think?

Said it all season. We have the worst defense by some in the entire NHL. We lack quality finishers and wingers. We have 4th line centers, playing 3rd line positions. We have 3rd line wingers playing on the top 2 lines. We have number 4,5 & 6 D-men pairing with Johnson.

The ONLY place this team is solid, is in goal.

IN my opinion, the saddest part about this, is the team needs to hit the flush button, and start all over again. That means another re-build that takes another 4-5 years. I've lost any sense of attachment to the players now, so I'd be happy with any of the players being replaced with young guys like Sgarbossa.

We will end up acquiring a top three pick this year. I can see Columbus, us, and maybe The Lames being the bottom three.

Hopefully, in a few years, we'll look back at this team, at this time, and just laugh.

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