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Originally Posted by thomast View Post
You're complitely wrong... FEL is now stronger than ever. Back in the days there was couple of teams who had stacked roster and star players on that team but after that there was an enormous drop. There was many very weak teams to stack points against. You might e right that FEL might not have absolute stars anymore but the depth is much better nowadays. Competition is much harder for playoff spots. Worst team can beat best team pretty easily.
To be honest, both FEL and SEL are worse now than 10-15 years ago due to KHL. You could also argue that the better depth might be an illusion as the best players in the league are worse than before (so many play in KHL now), and the amount of top top players in the league is also smaller. That makes the bottom/depth players look better compared to the leagues top players.

Yet, that doesn't mean that today's FEL and SEL are crap leagues, but they are not as strong as they used to be.

As for the young players. I've been on this message board for years and seen so many Finnish prospects getting hyped by Finnish fans, but in the end they actually rarely succeed in the NHL. That's quite a contrast from SEL prospects, who tend to succeed in the NHL more often. That's one of the reason I just can't take this "FEL and their prospects are almost as good as SEL"-thesis seriously. Wouldn't mind to be proven wrong in the future though.

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