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Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
You know Lucic isn't invincible right? How about when he hid behind the linesmen during that fight with Orr? How old was he then?
Originally Posted by Man Bear Pig View Post
When you're arrogant and cocky about Lucic and how he's the toughest in the league, like Bruins fans do, what do you expect? He loses, he gets draws, he doesn't destroy everyone. Like every other good fighter.
Aww little bit defensive are we?

No one said he's the toughest in the league, and no one said he's invincible. You interjected all that into this conversation yourself so you obviously have an issue or two you need to get over. What we are talking about is Lucic and Gleason.

But since you asked, Orr is a tough mother. He beat Lucic handily as he should, it's pretty much the only thing he's good at and does on the ice. Would it happen every time, doubt it. Orr might win more often then not between the two but even Carkner dropped him a time or two. That's just how fighting in hockey goes. I'm just happy the Bruins have such an intimidating forward that not only isn't a liability on the ice, but is often one of their better offensive players. No worries, I understand your jealousy.

Back to the topic at hand however that you are for some reason trying to derail, as already stated, Gleason tuned him when he was a 19 year old rather handily. In the last fight between the two it was obvious Gleason didn't want to let Lucics hands free... he had no interest in an actual fight with him just a tug fest to try and win back some momentum. Can't blame him either, Lucic isn't a green 19 year old anymore and it actually worked for his team.

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