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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
I wanted to say that we must have angered a lot of refs during the Corey Clouston/ Jarkko Ruutu era (for good reason, those two probably did more to damage our reps with refs for the next decade), but we started getting disproportionately more penalties called against us the year BEFORE they both came to Ottawa, so it can't be that.

Though, and this is purely a gut call: I don't think either of them helped our case with officials.

All that being said: we've had a lot of guys on our team who have either had or developed reputations with refs that have made them a target for phantom calls based on reputation since 2008: Ruutu, Foligno, Neil, Carkner, Smith, Konopka, Lessard (sigh)... hasn't helped our rep at all.

Also: we're small market, with few (if any) "marketable stars" who are able to get away with a call here and there based on notoriety (in a positive sense). That's not to say we don't have stars on our team: we clearly do. It's just that we're a small enough market that we're never going to have the league anxious to really put one of our guys over in a marketing sense. We'll always be the sleepy Canadian town where guys fly under the radar. Guys like Crosby (and many others) tend to get away with more, because they have more leeway based on their rep.

And, as many others have pointed out: we've been a "tough team to play against" the past 4+ years. When you play that style, you tend to draw more penalties against you.
Don't forget that our quiet fans have a hard time "intimidating" the refs like some other franchises. Don't think this has a huge effect, but it all adds up.

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