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01-29-2013, 08:40 AM
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Globe and Mail's Shoalts Raises Five Troubling Rumours About CHL


1. Did six of the 10 CHL team owners tell the league hierarchy last summer they planned to find other leagues to play in by this fall? And might this be related to talk from the CHL crowd at the Brampton council meeting about expansion to Canada?

2. Is the Brampton franchise an expansion team or a team that will need to be relocated? If itís a relocated team, would it be the Quad City Mallards, which had to be bought by the CHL as this season started thanks to severe financial troubles? And just how many CHL teams have folded or fled for leagues like the ECHL in recent years?

3. Are there any unpaid medical insurance, salaries, workerís compensation remittances or other taxes by CHL teams, thereby leaving some athletes without medical coverage? Would this amount be anywhere near $140,000 (all currency U.S.)?

4. Was there a distressing incident for a CHL player recently when his wife, who had just given birth prematurely, was sent home from the hospital along with their baby because the player had no medical insurance because his team failed to pay it?

5. Just how do the prospective Brampton CHL owners expect to make a go of it when the closest teams to them are in Illinois and six teams are spread around Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arizona?


Leaving the Brampton soon-to-be debacle in another thread, these are the signs of a league collapsing. Six of ten teams looking for a new league? This is the first published report, although I heard the same from a PHPA rep of a team in another league back in December. Even with two new teams in St. Charles and Brampton, that makes the CHL a six-team loop if six teams do bail - and it won't be the six strongest teams remaining in the CHL.

Who knows whether Brampton will be a relocated or expansion team - but my bet is on an expansion team, because the league needs the one-time revenue kick that comes with an expansion fee. As for folded or fleeing teams, three have fled - Evansville, Ft. Wayne, and Colorado, and one folded in the face of AHL competition (Oklahoma City.) Since the end of the 2009-10 season, six teams in the league have folded, and the membership has dropped from 18 teams to 10 teams.

If teams are stiffing players, leaving them without the benefits for which the PHPA and management have collectively bargained, the PHPA and players need to take action, whether it be a walk-out or legal action.

As for travel costs, well, they can't make it.

Shoalts, despite what two dopes in the comments , is correct that the CHL is the bottom run of the pro hockey ladder - at least affiliated pro hockey. But then, it appears that after this season, the ladder will have one less rung.

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