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01-29-2013, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
What do you mean by bought in?

The quotes the GM gives after the draft mean nothing. He's going to parrot whatever his scouts told him about the player.

Joe sets the overall vision for the types of players he wants the organization to look for, he doesn't make picks. By removing Bernhardt it was a pretty clear signal that his vision does not include spending premium picks on goalies.
I doubt that GM's simply rubber stamp what their scouting department says and then parrot their opinions later.

For Joe, the Glennie pick would be an exception to that, because he only had a few weeks on the job so he couldn't participate in that process throughout the year.

Perhaps I'm wrong, and this probably varies by team, but I would think that in general GM's have decision rights, influence, control, and input into the scouting and drafting process.

Maybe in this case you're right about Campbell being the reason he fired Bernhardt. But keep in mind that with bloggers, message boards, speculative journalists and the like, it's easy for fans to see point A and point Z, and fill in the 24 letters in between. And finally, we don't even know whether picking Campbell over Fowler was a bad move yet.

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