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01-29-2013, 09:54 AM
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Grown Up Team

Some comments in the Shatty thread had me reflecting on a lot of the mid-game/post-game interviews this season from both Shattenkirk and Oshie in particular.

I believe in this early season, we have seen a change from both Shattenkirk and Oshie... i'd throw Berglund in there as well. There are others to speak of, but those three in particular stand out.

Not only has this change been on ice, but I feel there has been a change in the quality of interviews of these three.

It used to be a bag of canned responses (in my opinion), whereas now i'm seeing REAL analysis of particular plays, and periods. It may just be an extention of the Hitchcock way/mindset... but even if that's the case, it makes me happy as a fan to know that these players not only are thinking clearly about what they are doing on the ice, but why a play happened the way it did, what they could have done differently.

Anyone else seem to have noticed this as well?

Have at it...

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