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01-29-2013, 08:55 AM
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Clarification on waiver rules for Prestige--PROPOSED RULES FOR SEASON 3:

1. To play a player on waivers, post it BOTH on the league news board (in game) and in this thread. Once a player is put on waivers, they cannot be pulled back, and it is up to the GM placing the player on waivers to make themselves available within 1-2 hours of the advance to execute the trade.

2. To claim a player on waivers, post the claim either in game or the thread. To do so, you must have sufficient cap space--inclusive of all players currently injured due back by the end of the regular season. This is the only way to prevent GMs from claiming players and then dropping them in the minors for depth. (E.g., in the case of Beauchemin, Toronto does not have the cap space to claim him, because he has nearly $8 million tied up in injured players--in fact, when healthy, you may need to put someone on waivers yourself to stay cap compliant. You can't simply drop the salary to the AHL).

3. If multiple teams place a claim on a player, he will be awarded to the team with the worst record 1 hour prior to the advance. This should allow time to arrange the 7th for 7th + player deal.

There have been no formal rules set in place up until now, and I didn't anticipate it being a problem. However, the uncertainty over who should be eligible to be placed on waivers and how it should work is just too great to be implimented mid-season.

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