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01-29-2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by andyg26 View Post
So looking to find out more about the RBZ. From feeling when and taking a look at it, it seems like a really nice stick. Coming from being a Bauer Vapor user for a good majority of my career (my second real good one piece was the XX when that was top of the line and have had literally every stick in the line since), how does the RBZ compare?

My concerns are mainly around puck feel due to not having foams in the blade. Can anyone tell me how the puck feel is. Also, I'm mainly a snap shot shooter who is good in tight. With the flex essentially following your predominant hand, you'd think it would be good for essentially any shot. Looking for more info on how the snap shots come off the stick though...

Thanks in advance!
personally its not a stick for me...

the puck comes off hot, but mostly because the blade is so stiff

I like a tactile feeling blade, but forgiving... I recieve passes by first deadening a the puck rather than just cradling it completely... and the RBZ is just awful for dampening

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