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01-29-2013, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by WartracePred View Post
We are not the same team as last season. We are missing one of the most important players on the roster, Suter. His ability to move the puck up ice and facilitate a clean entry into the offensive zone is sorely missing. A considerable amount of energy is spent just to get the puck into the neutral zone. Weber's offensive effectiveness is greatly diminished on the point because he is taking on more of a puck moving role. I think we miss Suter more than most want to admit. He allowed Weber to be an offensive threat. He set up our forwards with great passes into and through the neutral zone. Even with him we struggled at times to clear the defensive zone and get set on offense to cycle the puck. Without him it's a clusterf***. The forwards are gassed after chasing the puck before they ever get to work our offensive system. They rarely move the puck deep into the offensive zone except dumping it to get a line change. Again, a lot of this began with Suter. We can't score because we can't get into position to score. This is not the same team as last season.
So losing Suter has made the entire team bad? I call BS... Offensively Josi and Ellis are just as good as Suter or maybe just a bit below. As good as Suter was, he didn't play 60 minutes a night. This entire team is bad, one player isn't the difference. Besides this started last season when Suter was still on the team.

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