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01-29-2013, 09:47 AM
Oscar Acosta
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Far Cry 3 - 7/10

Very over rated game. It's fun and all, but not to the level of what people act like it is. The story is stupid and there's way to much maddening BS in it. The whole catching on fire, trying to put it out with the triangle button and heal yourself all in once with pre-programmed animations that you're going to die with makes me want to smash my controller.

Relic hunting is garbage, it's just a forced "hey check out every area of our map in the most maddening way possible to extend your game time" idea. The whole place is a giant terrain that you probably can't climb, but you don't realize it until you run up 90% of a mountain only to be unable to jump over a one foot ledge.

I wanted to platinum this thing, but now only have Co-Op left, and the Ubisoft passcode fails every time not connecting to server. Plus 45 minute missions where I'd have to rely on people online to complete isn't my idea of fun.

As far as shooters go, I enjoyed it. Just too much that annoyed me to be sure I'll never play it again.

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