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Originally Posted by Crottenham View Post
Reading from afar I hate to say it but this club looks alot like the Maple Leafs.....always doing just enough to hover around that last playoff spot rather than burning it down and starting a rebuild.

Ooops, hamstrung without draft picks the next few year so that won't work! Tough spot currently.
you must have short you not remember the spits won Back-to-Back Memorial Cups and do you not remember the names that played here( Hall, Ellis, Henrique, Nemisz, Wellwood, Fowler, Shugg, Kassian, I can keep going)...This was a bad reload and some guys did not develop as planned and when Koko left this season went down hill and this team as of now is in a deep hole and time is running out, to compare us to the Leafs is just stupid since this management took over the spits only missed the playoffs that first year since then us Windsor fans have been watching young stars and some great seasons of hockey, sure this season has been a bit of a struggle to watch but this management will get this team back to the mem cup in short time with or without the draft picks because they have a winning mentality and want to win.

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