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01-29-2013, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Pleks gets a pass? In what universe? People were ready to trade him the minute we drafted Galchenyuk. Hell, people were crying out to trade him at last year's trade deadline because DD had apparently taken his place.

Pleks did not have a good year offensively, but he was the closest thing the team had to a 2-way centre. The guy gets every tough matchup and all the tough minutes. Despite this, he was bashed all of last season, I don't see how he got a pass whatsoever.

You know what's sad? How you can't accept criticism for his stats or his style of play without resorting to pulling the "franco hater" card. I think it's absolutely absurd that nobody is allowed to say anything bad about the sacred Desharnais without you branding them franco haters. If you bash Rene Bourque, is it because you hate english Canadians?

Cole and Patch DID get easy minutes last year. The difference is they have the physical tools that most feel will translate to other situations. In Cole's case, he's done it before on other teams. In Max's case, he is a physical monster, though it is true he has yet to truly show he can dominate against elite opposition.

Eller's been a healthy scratch for half the games this season and would have continued to be had it not been for Patch's injury. How is that getting a pass?

Honestly, you can't really use the same criteria to judge Eller as you'd use to judge DD. Eller is, ideally, a 3rd line checking centre. I don't feel he will be any more than that. DD is currently the #1 centre, and his role is to produce points and be a threat at all times.

When Koivu was here, he was the primary point producing centre AND was always matched up against the other team's #1 line. And yet, he was considered by many as "not good enough" to be a #1 centre. DD isn't able to play against the other team's top lines because he's simply too small, it won't work.

It's actually kind of funny because for DD to succeed, a guy like Eller needs to be playing well and eating up the toughest minutes. Yet for some reason, they are pit against each other in this thread...It's typical Montreal HFBoards, you can never like everyone on this team, it's always so polarized. If you like one player, you automatically hate everyone else who plays that same position.

You know what I find most interesting about you? You brand anyone who says anything negative about Desharnais as an automatic franco hater. As if the only reason anyone would ever say anything bad about him is clearly because they MUST hate Quebecers. And you go on to say these people "know nothing about hockey"...And yet, earlier in this thread, you called the Corsi stat a "made up stat" that people used only to discredit Desharnais and prop up Plekanec and Eller.

You're right about one thing though. The worst French Canadian haters are indeed French Canadians themselves. And you, my friend, are the perfect example. Creating language issues where they do not exist. Making yourself into a victim when you are not one.

You say that the people who say anything bad about Desharnais know nothing about hockey. In this entire thread, I have not seen you say one thing hockey related about Desharnais. Nothing about his playing style, his strengths, his talent, his weaknesses, NOTHING. The only thing you've talked about is language. As for myself, someone you brand as a simple "hater" who knows "nothing about hockey", I gave an objective analysis of his strengths and weaknesses earlier in this thread. One that I feel is fair in highlighting his strongest and weakest points, as well as what I feel is his ideal useage would be.

But since I'm a simple hater and I know nothing, please Mr. Hockey Expert, enlighten me. Show me where I'm wrong. You don't even need to use "made up stats" that NHL scouts use regularly, if you don't want to. Heh, the Corsi stat was created by a Quebecer, ironically enough...
Brilliant post

I wish I had the patience to write something as long and as well thought out as you do, but I don't lol

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