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01-29-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by SLAPSHOT723 View Post
I'd rather see Matt Martin than Ullstrom on the top line. Keep Ullstrom and Aucoin together, and put a grinder like Martin on with Tavares.
I happen to think Martin would be really good on the first line. Maybe a bit slow but he'd really be an asset in the board work where JT generates so much offense from. Martin has really good work ethic, he's strong on the puck, can force turnovers. He's been really good on the PK even though I used to cringe to see him out there because he's slow (though his skating is much better compared to his first year)

Okposo is a very good player, he could help another line. I'm not sure KO helps JT-MM very much, I think those two would do just as well without him.

Originally Posted by NineHoleGoal View Post
Boyes - Worst forward in top 9. Despite a 3 pt game this guy does nothing to impress me. He loses the puck every time he touches it. He looks like Kvasha in the offensive zone. His passes suck, he never wins battles in the corners or anywhere along the boards. His vision sucks, and he's not using his body to finish checks. He has no business playing with Tavares or being on the PP.

When Bailey comes back let him fill the wing spot on the 2nd line and then if KO isn't working out switch him and Bailey and keep Boyes on the 4th line with Cizikas centering the line and bench Reasoner. Perfect world of course...
Boyes needs to show more or he's done, this will be his last contract (well, with the Isles, anyway)

I think his vision & passing is better than what we've seen so far, he seems really out of sync with his linemates. But he's not doing himself any favours with his work ethic. He tends to float (ala Kvasha) at times - not good.

Problem is, he still thinks he's a 40 goal scorer. But he's not. So he's got to start player harder and showing some value when he isn't scoring. Aucoin is a similar player but he seems to "want it" so much more - though both are limited players. Boyes could be the next PAP OR the next Cheechoo, Jeff O'Neill, Petr Prucha, etc.

I'd like to see Boyes on the top line because I think as an offense-first guy, he may mesh very well with JT-MM, not unlike Parenteau who was also offense-first. But if it doesn't work, Boyes isn't much use in the lineup, might rather have a guy like Cizikas, moving Bailey to the top line.

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