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Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Yeah it does actually sound pretty Aztec come to think of it, with the "quit" in middle of it

I was born in Herlev, grew up in Vancouver, Coquitlam to be specific, moved back to Denmark for studies a couple years ago

My parents actually moved to Toronto where they live now

Ill be going back to Vancouver when my studies end.

But yeah, that's prolly why im Nucked, my dad introduced me to hockey when we moved here and bought season tickets for the whole family every year ...
That sounds like one happy childhood
My experience in NA has been more running around in the badlands chasing dinosaurs in Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Alberta so not so many rinks out there.....out there its country music, rodeo and monster trucks
Amazing to meet people that only have heard about Europe (it's something with nazis in WW2) and that you can amaze when you tell them its across the Atlantic Ocean and take 9 hours flight. You really have nothing to worry about being so far away from everything except a very healthy respect for nature, and the disturbing lack of pedestrian space......lawn or road and bullet-holes in the street signs and 200 miles to the next gas station or anything for that matter
In Utah they always think that you must be related when you have a corresponding -sen surname....lots of Mormons with danish ancestry. Shame i didn't have time to go to the Hug-A-Pig farm in Jensen, Utah (it's actually a crossroads more than a village)....and get my picture taken - but I have to go to Dinosaur in Colorado (yep an aptly named village for my line of work).

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