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Originally Posted by Spire2000 View Post
Geez, the hate here towards radio hosts would be almost funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

No one forces any of you to listen to any of these guys. Think you could do better? Call up JR and ask for an audition.

Would you rather they pile up the radio with recent Algonquin grads like they did a few years ago? You realize that anyone with any real talent is quickly sucked up to the big leagues (see Garry Galley) where they can be paid at a level local radio here can't.

Simpson, while a bit screwy with some opinions, brings on guests at a rate this station has never seen. Gross is simply there to keep things on track, nothing more.

I really don't understand the hate for Steve Warne. He is the voice of the Ottawa fan. Everyone else is a transplant, former pro, or amateur. Steve is the heart and soul of that station (and the Ottawa sports scene), in my opinion.

I'm not a blind cheerleader either. I was firmly against the continued employment of The Dandyman, Glenn Kulka and Jim Jerome.
It's not a question that complainers here could do a better job if JR gave us the chance. I can't stand the morning show anymore. They talk sporadically about sports and that's what bothers me. They have all the same people emailing in with bad, like real bad jokes whom they read all the time. I've listened to the stations in Toronto or Montreal and on my XM radio in the car. They talk about sports all the time. Not their personal lives, or their 'rink of dreams' in the backyard like we care. The problem too is everyone working at the station think it is great and their friends tell them the same thing.

To be fair to the station and probably why I am hard on them, Ottawa is not a big market city. They have to cater to Carleton basketball or how Junior B teams are doing. You think the Fan 590 would ever do that? No chance. It makes the Team 1200 look bush league, but I guess there is an appetite for it. I know I change the station everytime they bring on the small time personalities.

The ratings argument is a joke when I hear it from people who defend the station. They have no competition. You could put a giraffe in the studio and they would get good numbers.

As for Simpson, he's pretty good. He might have some vendettas or tangents, but at least he knows what he is talking about and can back it up. As others have mentioned, has fantastic connections and is well informed about many sports. Who else on the station can tell the tales like he does? Jason York and his years in Adirondack or Switzerland or Anaheim? Simpson's not perfect on air, but he's refreshing and when he does leave to a better gig, the station will miss him dearly.

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