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01-29-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by VaporTrail View Post
Hey BuckyGleason, or possible Leaf's fan undercover.......Why are you going to the Leaf's board and telling them that there were extra tickets released for the game ?

F R I K K I N ' L A M E
Sure, I'll swing at this softball.


1) people are people no matter what professional sports team they root for, and they deserve an opportunity to observe the game they love.
2) leafs fans have a much harder time attending games than sabres fans do and have the right to know about a local team still having tickets on gameday for a matchup with their team of choice.
3) I don't extend my preference for the Sabres into a pseudo romantic loyalty to a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
4) it was a nice thing to do, and if at the end of the day my 30 seconds of effort makes someone's day even marginally better I'll do it every time.

Or, you know, I'm a leafs fan. Obviously.

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