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01-29-2013, 11:10 AM
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just to be fair here... if iginla showed any desire not to resign... to move on... then he becomes a rental. until that happens, he is the franchise.

he might be a rental to whoever signs him... but to the flames he is their franchise and he has shown no indication at all that he wants to move on

so as a bruin fan... if we want iginla... if we think hes the missing piece... we will have to make it worth calgary's motive to move him. they have never said they want to move him. we might want them to move him... but they themselves have never said that they are unwilling to sign him to a new deal and carry on...

when we moved bourque... we knew bourque wasnt going to resign. bourque went to the team and said... he wasnt coming back. bourque gave us a chance to get something... but it was his choice. he was dissatisfied with how things were going. he wanted a chance to win a cup.

iginla hasnt done that yet.

so when we keep calling him a 'rental' its actually quite misleading. the only real issue we need to determin is whether or not he can help us win a cup. if we think he can, then he is worth paying the price to get.

the price... will be assets to improve for the future for calgary. they need a center that can play first or second line... so maybe a peverly would appeal to them? maybe a spooner would? certainly a krecji would....

but the deal also has to make sense for Boston.

if Boston was planning to resign iginla... or if a sign and trade happened... or if boston had a deal in place with iginla agreed to at the time of the trade... then moving krecji for iginla could make sense. 3 years of iginla is worth more then 3 years of krecji. krecji is coming up on ufa too...

so age isnt really a huge factor for boston. Krecji probably wont be resigned long term anyhow cause we want to move seguin into the middle. So a krecji for igninla deal might make sense if iginla was willing to resign...

iginla is a specal player. if boston isnt willing to ante up for him, someone else will be. If calgary decides to move him, they wont have to settle for a crap return.

i personally... do want iginla... but my desire for him does depend what contract he wants for the future. id give up more if his cap hit goes down.

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