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Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Pretty much so Can't complain...

You are a paleontologist ???? COOOOL! I looove dinosaurs, and always find fascination in tv shows about em

Naturally the environment back then also intruges me as I work in Space Engineering Exotic propulsion to be specific...

Well not really work as much as study, but you get the point being a paleontologist Soo much school, sooo much work, sooo little money HAHAHA

Yeah for some reason there are ALLOT of "danes" in the midwest especially mormon state... We have our share of danes in Canada too though

I know a few in and around Vancouver, and also allot of danes in the State of Washington just below us
yep Im a paleontologist (dinosaur eggs as speciality) and you are right, there is no money in it unless you get a fixed position but that is extremely tough. Actually it has ended up in NA that you have to pay to actually go digging It means you have to pay for doing manual labour so I have changed to gymnasium teacher where you actually get an income.
Exotic propulsion is certainly looking to the future - solar wind sails, fusion reactors and the like? Maybe you just look for Vulcan technology or try to build a space elevator? Must be fun....

About danes in midwest....apparently Mormonism got extremely popular among danes in the late 1800's (the lure of several wives? ).....I think Utah has the highest % of danish ancestry of all north america. But have actually met a lot of danish-american and danish-canadian in my life....though I think California is the number one state for recent emigrees?
Former times I think it was Utah, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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