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01-29-2013, 11:49 AM
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I don't understand it. I enjoy reading all posts for my love of hockey. For the better part of the year, it is doom and gloom and everybody calling for action. The trade deadline saw several moves, and I think out of all the trades Windsor made their team quite a bit better in two ways: by the players they added, and also subtracting some under achievers. So with that said I ask this: what were your expectations? Did you think that the trades would be made and Windsor would be the power house of the league, squeek into 8th place and then go on a magical run to the cup?
They improved their team substantially....doesn't mean they can repair what over half a schedule has done to their record. Even if they get into the playoffs odds are they are out in 5 or 6 games. The gate money would be good for the organization, finishing in 9th doesn't do anything at all. They won't make employment decisions based on that just to show they care. Of course they care and want to succeed.
I still say it is a stretch to consider the Spits as a host of the cup next year, but depending on offseason moves, I think this team as is can be a top 4 team next year.
I doubt Rychel would ever admit it, but the deadline moves were made with next year in mind, not this year. You think HE thought hey if I make these moves we can maybe win the league this year? Nope.
If they can get hot, like I said, gate money and playoff hockey is always good. But this team and its fans with a dose of reality need to be looking to next year.
Sidenote: I agree with whoever said "the brawl was on Boughner, look who he put out". Note great coaching with an important 3 game stretch coming up this weekend.
Although hey, maybe Boughner is already looking towards next year.
For those paying attention, this also supports the claim you need to be playing your draft eligible back up goalie more.

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