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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Getting into the playoffs was not a mistake. The best thing for a young team is playoff experience.

The problem here is that we've got a young team that's supposed to be together for the next 5 years that isn't in playoff contention and doesn't appear to be. While a large part is the loss of our top line, we should have the depth to remain competitive still, but it's not showing.

I blame three specific areas for that, all but one were glaringly obvious, the other was unfortunate and followed the Avs trend of stupid things happening to us.

First, Sacco. We all knew he was a weakness but some willingly overlooked it. I myself felt optimistic he could pull things together with a new assistant staff...

Second, Defense. We all knew that we needed another EJ, even Sherman. We just couldn't accommodate the positional need and it is hurting us badly.

Third, PK. The moment we lost McClement, management screwed up. He should not have been allowed to leave, it will remain one of the great mysteries as to how he left when we supposedly offer more money than Toronto and more term. Then Sherman let O'Reilly sit and here we are with him unsigned.

Our PK went from outstanding with Winnik, McClement, O'Reilly and Landeskog as #1 and #2, to having not a single one of them in the lineup. Guys like Mitchell, McLeod and McGinn are PKing, roles they should only be used in as a last resort.
I agree that getting into the Playoffs was not a mistake but we can't have both, and I don't see us filling out this team without another high end draft pick.

I think most people expected our PK to suffer but not this badly, I mean our defense is still there. How is it the Oilers are overpowering us down low? Everyone besides Duchy, EJ, Wilson, Landeskog (In the lineup) and oddly enough Hunwick... Is playing **** defense.

I have to say though... Mitchell has been at least good on the PK and as a third line center. His advanced stats pointing toward him driving puck possession are showing through.

How many 5v5 goals have we allowed total? 2? lol

Btw... I don't mind Duchy on the PK, he deserves that extra responsibility because of how hes playing away from the puck. Something tells me that's something he wants as well. He played on the PK quite a bit over his junior career. Obviously I would rather he was not on the #1 PK unit though.

Landeskog, O'Reilly, Duchy and... ??? Mitchell??? That would at least be adequate if two of those guys were not out of the lineup. McLeod on the PK is horrible, he stands in the middle of the ice and glares at people, and that's about it. More than once hes basically ended up standing shoulder to shoulder with whoever is out there with him.

(I wouldn't mind seeing Olver on the PK over McLeod, guys that can actually anticipate and react to the other teams players.)

I can say this... as much as I am ok with trading a center for a #2 to play with EJ. I wonder which would help more right now? O'Reilly or a #2 defender? Like I said... How many 5v5 goals have we let in?

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