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01-29-2013, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by truck View Post
Many people, don't know or have forgotten just how messy that situation was. I didn't mind his rant. The love in with Ray Ray that everybody else is running with is more offensive IMO. I don't like or dislike Ray Lewis, but the fact that he considers himself a role model and others treat him as such is beyond hypocritical.

There is a reason I will never idolize any athlete or celebrity and I will teach my little one to do the same.

Admire people for what they do right, but nobody deserves the pedestal that some athletes and celebrities receive.
That's fair. But messy stories don't need to be made messier. Tell the story without the theatrics. And enough with the "he was out with the a woman that wasn't his fiancÚ, but thats neither here nor there" then stop mentioning it. If you're gonna paint someone like a dick, just do it.
I thought it was regrettable, I got to my destination halfway thru thankfully

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