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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
You know what I find most interesting about you? You brand anyone who says anything negative about Desharnais as an automatic franco hater. As if the only reason anyone would ever say anything bad about him is clearly because they MUST hate Quebecers. And you go on to say these people "know nothing about hockey"...And yet, earlier in this thread, you called the Corsi stat a "made up stat" that people used only to discredit Desharnais and prop up Plekanec and Eller.

You're right about one thing though. The worst French Canadian haters are indeed French Canadians themselves. And you, my friend, are the perfect example. Creating language issues where they do not exist. Making yourself into a victim when you are not one.

You say that the people who say anything bad about Desharnais know nothing about hockey. In this entire thread, I have not seen you say one thing hockey related about Desharnais. Nothing about his playing style, his strengths, his talent, his weaknesses, NOTHING. The only thing you've talked about is language. As for myself, someone you brand as a simple "hater" who knows "nothing about hockey", I gave an objective analysis of his strengths and weaknesses earlier in this thread. One that I feel is fair in highlighting his strongest and weakest points, as well as what I feel is his ideal useage would be.

But since I'm a simple hater and I know nothing, please Mr. Hockey Expert, enlighten me. Show me where I'm wrong. You don't even need to use "made up stats" that NHL scouts use regularly, if you don't want to. Heh, the Corsi stat was created by a Quebecer, ironically enough...
The reason why I haven't given an objective analysis of his strenghts and weaknesses is that I find this absolutely surreal, that on a serious hockey board, we have to defend the fact that a 65 points center is actually good enough to play in the NHL. In which kind of world do people live in to actually make it a legit debate?

It seems to me that his hockey skills are just too obvious, that any objective person can see that. He's the most creative forward with the puck to wear the Habs uniform since, I believe, Alex Kovalev. Most of the time, when he has the puck, he makes things happen and create scoring chances. His superior hockey sense makes him see openings that others don't. He's not the fastest skater, but his reaction time is among the quickest that you can see. He carries the puck in a way that you rarely see from such a small player, by creating an aura of invincibility around him, by creating space for himself that allows him to take his time before making a play. He's also a very responsible player defensively, rarely caught out of position, always the first to back check. Of course he has limitations because of his size, but his low center of gravity and his strong legs allows him to still be solid on his skates. His hard work, dedication and conditioning are also major strenghts.

The Habs have 3 wins this season and he's at the origin of 2 of the 3 game winning goals at crucial time, his +/- is even against top opposition, but apparently, it's a sign of regression...

You never see this kind of debate occuring on other team's board. Players making 65 points on their 1st full NHL season have usually a large fanbase and bandwagon. It was the case here too after the first good season that players such as Plekanec, Kostitsyn, Ryder, Higgins, Komisarek, Emelin, Subban and others did. Fans get excited about their young talented player and it's normal.

But why is there an exception for Desharnais? The thing is : I've been here for long enough. I've seen this thing happen before on this same exact board. It happened for Latendresse, for Lapierre, for Ribeiro... The sudden bashing for a promising young player was (coincidence?), usually coming from the same exact posters who thought "Dandouillon" were not an NHL player, that Brisebois was the worst defenseman ever, that Tanguay, Darche or Bégin were useless (at the time they were legit contributors), etc.

I don't want to target everyone as racist, or course. But this lack of excitement for a few selected promising youngsters, all French Canadians, is troubling, to say the least. On any other team board, you would see nothing but over excitement for a guy like Desharnais, the same way you see it for any promising Habs youngster on French speaking forums. But hey, here we have a unique exception in the league. And I'm sorry to point it out because I know it hurts to see it, but this exception is language based. I know it's sad, but ignoring the problem won't make it disappear. And accepting that "Is DD a NHL caliber player" is a legit hockey debate that should be solved by useless hockey argument represents for me a victory for the racists, because the same debate would never occur for any other young star.

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