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Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
Paying for digging? Are you kidding me? They should be paying you guys, the work you do is AWESOME!!!

Was it the Triassic, Jurassic or the Cretatious period with an extreme Oxygen Ratio compared to today? I just found out recently that Grass was not present untill quite late.. It baffled me, to think of a landscape with no grass, but Ferns plenty

Well plenty of my colleagues work with solar wind and fusion reactors, as they are already being put on the drawboard..

Im actually in an even more exotic research group We focus on FTL, Hyperdrive and spacefolding... You know far far out into the future, so we are the geeks of the geeks.. The ones sitting in the basement of the University in complete darkness

Haha so yeah we would love to get some Vulcan tech The space elevator is also a project that a few of my friends from the US are highly involved with

I forgot about Minnesota, allot of Jensen,Hansen, Sorensens there

And Yeah today Cali takes the cake with all the glory seekers and what not

Which Gymnasium if you don't mind me asking ?
Actually grass only evolved after the dinosaurs went extinct. Flower plants came in the cretaceous (but was very small to start with). Horse teeth evolution are a clear indicator of their change from leaf eaters to be able to withstand the silicium crystal in the grass that are real teethgrinders.
Both oxygen and carbondioxid levels have varied enormously through geological time. But oxygen was high back then (maybe up to 40% in the carbiniferous period that could support giant insects) and reached very low levels (15%) around Miocene. So the Lovelock Gaia hypothesis with a constant of 21% is clearly wrong.
Hyperdrive and spacefolding (wormholes) - yep that is clearly one for the basement, but most be a lot of theoretical physics fun. The next thing you know is that your are playing superstring harp (is it 10 or 11 dimensions at the moment) and waiting for lovecraftian entities from beyond to give you cyclopean visions and non-euclidian angles to go insane over and emitting ghastly ululations
I was a basement vertebrate palæontogist for years as well though we actually needed some light for our polerized microscopes. The scanning electron microscope was in darkness though.
I have taken a gymnasium trip from Tårnby over Gribskov (Helsinge) to Nykøbing Falster (so ended in the most dead hockey zone of all Denmark. At least 125 km from the nearest rink

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