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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
I know some of you guys are gym freaks, so I have a question. How do I gain stamina? I quit smoking a year ago and I still get out of breath after riding a bike for like to blocks. I go up a flight of stairs in school and I'm also out of breath. Should I just run on a treadmill or something? If so, yeah, I get out of breath..
Do HIIT. Get on a stationary bike. Not the kind that has a reclined back; the kind that only has a seat and you can lean over the handle bars while you pedal. Put the resistance up a little bit, but it should still be easy. Like 3 to 5, assuming the machine goes up to 15. Start pedaling at what you would consider a "jog" pace for about 2 minutes to warm up. When the timer hits 2:00, pedal as hard as you humanly can until the clock hits 3:00. Slow down to what you would consider a "walk" pace and catch your breath until the timer strikes 4:00, then resume the all out sprint until the timer hits 5:00, and back down to the walk until 6:00. Keep repeating for 10-15 minutes.. For example, last time I did this, I looked at the RPMs. At the jog pace I was around 88-90 RPMs to warm my legs up. At the flat out sprint the RPMs jumped up to around 125-140. At the walk pace I kept the RPMs at around 75.

Doing full minute intervals for a full 10-15 minutes might be hard at first, so adjust your intervals to your fitness level. Do 45 second or 30 second intervals. Or do 45 seconds of sprint and 60 seconds of walk. Don't include the 2 minute warm up in the 10-15 minutes. This will 100% guaranteed increase your stamina. You can do it every day, no rest is required and if you start with 30 second sprints and 60 second rests, for example, by the end of the week you will easily be doing 45 second sprints, and so on.

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