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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
I've said it before... We lost out on Seguin/Hall by over achieving in 2009, without that we would not have Landeskog so 'fine'. But this team needs at least one more top 5 pick.

We cannot get both a top pairing defender and a top line winger by trading one of our centers. We can only trade for one of those guys...

I've also been a huge defender of Stastny over the last couple of years, but I am so done with him. Hes gotten too comfortable and it's obvious. Even with O'Reilly holding out, I hope they sign him and trade Stastny at this point. That is the first time I've said that...

On a positive note... McGinn - Duchene- Parenteau looked good as a line. That line, Varly, EJ, and Wilson were our only bright spots on the team. One line and one defensive pairing isn't enough. Also anyone who blames any of our losses on Varly at all, didn't watch the games. I haven't seen our defense be so weak in front of the net, and let our goalie hang out to dry this badly. Pathetic...

Jones needs to be traded like yesterday, and with a vengeance. Hopefully someone will give us a 1st for him at the deadline.
I'm not and I won't be until I see him performing like that for another coach. I seriously don't think he would and if he's traded at his low-point value wise, a lot of Avs fans are going to be pissed when he starts playing much better under a coach who knows what the **** he's doing. I've seen him play in 2 World Championships and those coaches don't have any problem putting him on a line with MaxPac and Bobby Ryan and he plays very well.

Don't kid yourself, if WE as fans can see the stupid decisions this guy makes on a daily basis, don't you think the players that actually play the game can see it too?? I don't know how many of you actually played hockey at a competitive level but to have a coach that is generally always bewildered to put it mildly is extremely disheartening for a player.

Originally Posted by Aslanrh View Post
I feel like a change in coaches would do Statz some good. He has not seemed to want to play hard for Sacco since forever. Really feels like Statz is not sold on how Sacco handles players and even less sold with his "system".
This. Great post!

Originally Posted by Av-merican View Post
I'd certainly like the money we're using on Hejda to be used on a guy like him instead, even with the obvious shortcomings in his defensive game. I agree w/Dater that EJ would excel with an offensive-minded partner, not a defensive-minded one.
Yeah but Dater is ALWAYS wrong. (He wrote today that Stastny has 2 assists. He actually only has 1)

I think EJ has a lot of offensive ability but he put all of that on the backburner to become a better defensive player over the past 2 years. I mean, if he's not going to be defensively responsible, who exactly is going to do it?? It's by more of an extreme need than anything else. Yesterday in the 3rd period, he showed some offensive moves that we haven't seen from him for while and it's refreshing to know that it's still there. I just wish it would come out more often.

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