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01-29-2013, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Yeah, so people should stop trying to change him. Some people have a warped perception of PK, and that's fine, but I doubt the guys in the locker room will hold his contract dispute against him. They obviously know it's business (like Gionta said, they are pros), and if they do hold it against him they are being short sighted. PK signed below market value, considering his production and on ice play in the last two years.

But Gill was referring to his personality. It doesn't need changing. Let PK be PK. If people constantly perceive him in a negative light for every single thing he does, that's their problem. They are the ones who need to grow up for judging a person on things they cannot possibly know.
Yup, team is winning, there's new guys on the team, atmosphere is obviously different, unless P.K. is a dumbass (wich I dont think he is) he'll feel it and adapt to it, like most humans do when in a somewhat new environnement.

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