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01-29-2013, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by IceCapsFanNL View Post
I just don't see GJ stringing people along if he wasn't sure he could deliver. I'd give it 2/3 chance of a sale and 1/3 chance at best of the deal not materializing. Either way hang tough brother.

If you end up being a free agent might I recommend's_IceCaps

It's pretty hard to walk away from $300M - Even if I had a 1 in 1000 chance of an investor falling in my lap at the last minute, I think I would hold on until they told me to leave.

Honestly, IMO if GJ was even close he would have liquidated his shares in SJ to make up the difference/close the gap financially, which to my knowledge he has yet to do so. If nothing else, with 60 hours to go he should already have a finalized agreement/MOU in place showing that he has the $$$ in hand/escrow ready to go and detailing exactly when ownership & control will be transferred... unless there is a new media black hole over Glendale that is preventing news leaks, there is no such agreement in place.

I feel that if he had adequate financing at this point the sale & transfer would already be done, if for no other reason than the league doesn't have to cut another round of paycheques to the Yotes personnel...

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