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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
This is essentially answered by this:

Bob is young, we still probably haven't seen his best, and he has far more upside than Bryz does (in the sense that Bob can be expected to improve and develop, while the same is not expected of Bryz), who is more likely than not approaching his decline. We had an opportunity to develop a young goalie, and it ended up getting blown. The first Leighton re-signing failed, so Bob stayed up instead of getting loads of AHL time. The problem is, he needs playing time to get better since he's still pretty raw. Sending him down was a bad option for several reasons. Playing behind the expensive goalie we'd just signed for a long contract wouldn't get him enough playing time either. We were worked into a hole, by the org's doing as well as factors they couldn't help, and a rare opportunity for the Flyers had to be sent away as a result.

It's frustrating, but it is what it is.
I have the same response to both. Your issue seems to be with the signing of Bryz, not the trading of Bob. The Bryz signing, the jury is still out on. It was definitely too long of a contract, I will certainly give you that. But at the time, as noted above, Bryz was a known quantity, Bob wasn't. He had one season under his belt. It was a good one, but it was not known if he would continue. Sure they could have stuck with Bob and passed on Bryz (or signed him to a shorter term or what have you), but you are taking the same type of risk by doing that. If they pass on Bryz and Bob busts, then you have nothing and are faced with the prospect of finding a new goalie anyway. Yes cap space would have been saved, but without a legit goalie, what does it matter? They chose to go with a known quantity and gambled in terms of money. It may backfire on them eventually, but at the time Bob wasn't the answer and he certainly didn't help his case last year. It was also unlikely he would stick around to play backup. Homer got a lot for him. If Bryz was never signed things may have gone down differently, but we also might be watching Bryz win a Vezina somewhere else yelling and screaming that he should have signed him when he had the chance.

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